Our solutions - Capability identification and building

“The engine of value creation is a system of capabilities that together allow a company to compete in a differentiated way.”

The problem: Trying to excel at everything and ending up being great at nothing

Too many companies don’t identify the few cross-functional capabilities they need to excel at in order to deliver on their value proposition. Not being clear about those capabilities, functions often decide to pursue functional excellence in silos. They strive to be world-class at everything they do, often treating benchmarking as the path to success. The consequences: Their actions are disconnected from the business strategy, they spread their resources too thin, and they don’t excel at anything.

Trying to excel at everything and ending up being great at nothing

Our solution: Identifying and building the few distinctive capabilities that are at the heart of your company’s identity and success

Identifying and building the few distinctive capabilities

At Strategy&, we help our clients identify their unique areas of strengths and the capabilities that are required to win with their strategy. We then help them build and scale those capabilities following a three-step approach.

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Harvard Business Review
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