DeAnne is a Principal based in San Francisco. She joined PwC’s Strategy& in 1991 after completing an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and working for AT&T/FiServ in their management program for eight years. Once promoted to Director, DeAnne took one year’s educational leave to earn her MS Business Administration at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. DeAnne is a working mother of four girls (ages 17, 15, 11, and 1) and attributes her successful work-life balance to “being in the moment” (whether personal or business) and to building a great team that always delivers for clients. At home, DeAnne shares many duties with her husband who is equally busy with work and travel.

DeAnne’s Story

  • Joined the Firm in 1991
  • Earned MSBA from Stanford in 1994
  • Moved to Brazil to lead an IT business in Southern Cone in 1996; Moved to New York and became Chief Human Resources Officer in 1998; Led Organization Business in 2001; Global Co-Leader of Katzenbach Center of Innovation for Culture and Leadership in 2012
  • Served on the Board of Directors (1998-2004)
  • Promoted to Manager in 1992; Promoted to Director in 1993; Admitted to Partnership in 1995
  • Got married in 1996; Had four children (1997-2002)


Q: What attracted you to consulting, and why did you choose Strategy&?

A: In evaluating my job opportunities, there were two important criteria I considered which were: 1) What kind of work would I be doing every day? 2) Who would I work with every day? When I was approached to join the firm, I was intrigued because the firm offered very challenging work with very intelligent and interesting people.

Q: How does your MSBA help you in your work?

A: The MSBA trained me in business fundamentals that were immediately useful in my client work. More importantly, especially later in my career, is the amazing network of colleagues who are always ready to listen and offer valuable advice. It is fulfilling to test ideas with former classmates and connect with - professors, with whom I have developed lasting relationships

Q: You're a great advocate of mentoring in business. Why is that?

A: The consulting business is about helping people develop and succeed. Mentorship is critical in the development of others, which helps to build a team, and, subsequently, build a business.