Real Change Leaders: How You Can Create Growth and High Performance at Your Company

By Jon Katzenbach and the RCL Team | 1997

In Real Change Leaders (Random House, 1997), Jon Katzenbach explores why some companies are able to change and grow to higher performance levels while others find themselves bogged down. Research led to the conclusion that the make-or-break factor is not top management, but a breed in the middle: Real Change Leaders. They are the middle managers and business professionals who break the mold of “good management” with a unique combination of tough performance standards and a fresh sense of how to inspire and motivate the workforce. They are extremely resourceful leaders, who bring out the resourcefulness in those who work with them.

Senior managers will appreciate Real Change Leaders because it shows how companies are tapping this new source of leadership capability and how these lessons can be implemented by their own company. As for middle managers, this book shows them how to assume a new role — one that will enable them to produce at higher levels and enhance as well as keep their jobs.