Always On: Advertising, Marketing, and Media in an Era of Consumer Control

By Christopher Vollmer and Geoffrey Precourt | 2008

Wall Street Journal best-seller, Always On: Advertising, Marketing, and Media in an Era of Consumer Control is garnering attention by heralding the arrival of a consumer-centric business age that should deliver enormous returns for marketing, advertising, and media leaders — if they use the right approach.

Authored by Strategy& Partner Christopher Vollmer, with Geoffrey Precourt, Always On asserts that we are at the beginning of a consumer-centric digital age where traditional ways of marketing products and services are no longer viable. The book explores the potential of the digital era and its implications for executives and marketing and ad professionals.

With discussions of the best innovations and strategies in the marketing world, Always On introduces readers to the companies that are reshaping how customers will be reached in the future. Their recommended approaches incorporate new perspectives and include advice about matching messages to the right media, learning the strategies of consumer-centric pioneers, and capturing emerging opportunities in a world of constant change.

Corporate demand for marketing accountability and return on investment is skyrocketing, while exclusive relationships between marketers and ad agencies are disappearing. This book lays out the practices and lessons from the marketers, ad agencies, and media companies in the forefront of change and offers a glimpse into the future to those lagging behind.

Always On is an owner’s manual for today’s brand manager. Keep it in your glove compartment,” says David Verklin, CEO of Aegis Media Americas.

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