Great Barrier Reef Foundation

Like other delicate natural treasures, the Great Barrier Reef -16 million square kilometres along Australia’s northeast coastline - is facing increasing environmental challenges. Working with a series of governmental agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), science agencies and business leaders, the Strategy& Community Relations team, with Sydney and Virginia-based consultants, have helped detail a strategic plan and operational blueprint to develop a unified research agenda for the preservation of the Reef, and coral reefs worldwide.

A key outcome of the firm’s pro-bono support for the non-profit Great Barrier Reef Foundation (GBRF) is the new relationship with Government and key agencies at work on the Reef. Additionally, we’ve championed a more business-focused approach to the setting of the annual Reef Research Agenda. As the Foundation’s reach continues to grow, so too does the significance and value of this landmark body of strategic work.

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