In the community

PwC's Strategy& has a solid history and core commitment to corporate philanthropy, volunteerism and community service.

Strategy& believes good business and good corporate citizenship go together. We reach beyond office walls to embrace non-profit organisations, working to benefit the people and environments that surround us.

Employee-centric approach

To serve the communities that surround us, Strategy& fosters an employee-centric approach to corporate citizenship activities. This forms the cornerstone of the firm’s philanthropic and community service initiatives. Employee-centric means the firm aligns its resources (financial, in-kind and pro-bono) with charitable giving and volunteering interests, selected by its staff and their families. Employees are actively involved in the community and are supported by Strategy&'s Community Relations group to maintain their involvement.

We actively support a number of organisations including Special Olympics, The Great Barrier Reef Foundation, Conservation Volunteers Australia, Youth Off The Streets and the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children.

We support these, and other organisations via:

  • Pro-bono consulting work
  • Volunteering our time for community service days
  • Financial support
  • Staff secondment programs

Our recent activity in this area is profiled below: