In the past decade, transport industry participants have experienced an extraordinary amount of investment and consolidation. Many factors have contributed to industry activity including industrial relations reform, increased government spending on infrastructure, government asset sales and privatisations, as well as development and expansion of toll roads.

Opportunities for the industry throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia (ANZSEA) are predicted to continue to expand. For example, in addition to continued toll road and tunnel activity in Australia, rail investment is on the upswing after the success of the Alice to Darwin railway, with increased focus on upgrading the south-east rail corridor.

In New Zealand, investment in infrastructure is a key issue, particularly in the Auckland region. More rail lines, busways, and toll roads are under construction or being planned. As well as investment, there exists a strong national focus on travel demand management. The focus is directed towards better use of existing infrastructure as well as encouraging use of other travel modes including walking and cycling.

ANZSEA-wide, the introduction of larger passenger aircraft and cargo shipping has already influenced extensive upgrades to air and port infrastructure.

Through all this change, PwC’s Strategy& has worked to help clients meet the industry’s challenges and opportunities. We consult across all modes of transportation, providing expertise in strategy and policy, operations, organisational design, technology, and infrastructure. Our work with government and commercial clients in the Asia Pacific Region, North America, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East has given us the global perspective and industry know-how to help transportation companies and regulators meet today’s business challenges through strategy-based transformation.

Strategy& transportation professionals have extensive first-hand knowledge of the industries, markets, technologies, and best practices. We influence critical decisions in all modes of transportation. Our professionals understand the complex environment and market dynamics in which companies and agencies operate. Working with carriers, shippers, transport businesses and other clients, Strategy& has developed and implemented strategies to improve all aspects of transportation. This includes planning, management, operations, organisation, technologies, information systems, and e-business capabilities.

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