Over the past decade, telecommunications and information technology industries have experienced unprecedented growth. This period has seen the internet revolution, a multitude of new players, a flood of new products, and the surge of market valuations. Technology companies focused on revenue growth and market share gains and struggled to keep up with customer demand.

After a strong period of growth, the industry then saw the reverse of this trend, facing the traumatic downturn and stock bubble of 2001. Faced with customers slashing spending levels, overcapacity, cash shortages, and tumbling share prices, vendors underwent serious crises. The industry is now consolidating, and is focused on cost and operational improvements, driving earnings whilst balancing the issues relating to staffing.

Going forward, successful technology firms will continue to need capabilities that allow them to more effectively deal with periods of growth and contraction. These capabilities will include understanding market dynamics and customer requirements, making the right choices for new businesses and technologies, managing ever shortening innovation cycles, leveraging partner-based supply chains and managing toward a sustainable yet attractive bottom line.

As one of the leading global management consulting firms to the telecommunication and information technology industries, we have helped senior executives across every major segment deal with critical strategic and operational issues during times of growth and contraction. Our experience covers the full range of business issues; business strategy; sales, marketing and innovation; organisation and change management; and operations.

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