Defence and national security

Australia, New Zealand and South East Asian (ANZSEA) nations face unprecedented challenges in the 21st century. PwC's Strategy& has a deep understanding of the strategic environment and brings unequalled expertise to its partnerships with public and private sector organisations in meeting Defence and security objectives.

Strategy& is uniquely placed to help meet these challenges through its combination of commercial and government management consulting and technology expertise, ideally suited to support the transformation of defence organisations. Our work across multiple defence organisations provides us with an in-depth understanding of the total defence and national security environment and an integrated perspective encompassing defence and national security missions, technology applications, and management approaches to help clients develop joint solutions and avoid redundant programs.

Our thought leadership

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The achievement of “information superiority” is a critical determinant of mission success.
Managing A&D engineering talent
As defense spending slows, aerospace and defense companies now have more engineers, and a different mix, than they need.
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In this article for Finance Monthly, Strategy& explores those challenges, and how companies can craft the right strategy to thrive in these market conditions.
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Governments in emerging markets are increasing their defense spending, often on integrated, end-to-end solutions that combine military and security equipment.
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Recent spending trends suggest that some of this dominance has eroded with the military customers becoming more reliant on less exquisite, commercially-derived solutions that can be fielded more affordably.


How we help our clients

We support defence and security clients at all levels - senior executives, warfighters, acquisition managers, and technologists - and have particular expertise in the following areas:

  • Strategic studies and analysis including capability roadmapping
  • Capability studies and analysis - definition studies; capability option development and analysis; capability documentation development
  • Systems engineering, system integration and architectures
  • Technology assessments
  • Decision support and simulation
  • Acquisition project management and process reform
  • Logistics analysis, support and design
  • Organisational reform in defence and intelligence organisations
  • Specialised technical services - risk management; reliability, availability and maintainability; verification and validation; safety; test and evaluation Information and knowledge management Personnel management and planning

Delivery excellence

Strategy& has significant expertise in the defence capability development processes used in ANZSEA. Our experience includes provision of significant direct support to the Australian Government’s Capability Development Executive (CDE) and the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) to ensure their success in their critical roles delivering and sustaining defence capability.

The Strategy& team includes expert facilitators who understand future warfighting, capability development, major capital equipment acquisition and sustainability processes. Our clients also have access to the firm’s robust decision support capabilities and tools which can be applied to specific issues or projects.

Clients can utilise the skill and experience of our team who are recognised thought leaders within individual force elements, with decades of corporate memory on past weapon system evolution, current capability performance, supportability, issues and future plans.

Our areas of focus include:

  • Aerospace
  • Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare (ISREW)
  • Land
  • Maritime
  • Network Centric Warfare (NCW) and C4

Government’s strategic security interests span the traditional responsibilities of national intelligence communities and extend to developing strategies to protect the nation’s critical infrastructure, ensure the integrity of the nation’s border, and improve the capabilities of the law enforcement community to leverage intelligence and technology in the fight against crime. At the same time, businesses have an increasing need to build rigorous risk assessment, security and resilience strategies into their corporate infrastructure.

Strategy& has a long history of providing support to major national security, intelligence, border security and law enforcement agencies. We create essential advantage for our government clients by addressing their most complex and emerging challenges, where the stakes are highest. We help agencies develop new concepts of operations, align executive teams around new operating models, and build long term implementation strategies. We assist our commercial clients by creating innovative security and resilience solutions that draw on leading edge practices in government.

Our cleared national security professionals work in partnership with clients to develop capabilities, share best practices, and leverage the best thinking in the intelligence disciplines, border security and law enforcement, strategic policy and inter-agency capability coordination, national security performance measurement, vulnerability assessment, business assurance and risk management.

Our areas of expertise in the national security domain include:

Strategy and leadership

  • Enterprise risk management
  • Modelling, simulation and wargaming

Organisation and change

  • Organisational model design
  • Transformation and change management
  • Organisational efficiency and process management

Public sector mission effectiveness

  • Policy analysis and planning
  • Decision support
  • System engineering and technical assistance
  • Intelligence analysis
  • Program management
  • Mission assurance
  • Mission integration
  • OPS support
  • Institutional strengthening