Media releases

We believe knowledge is a principal source of delivering essential advantage. Embodied as intellectual capital, it is one of our firm’s primary assets.

Our intellectual capital covers a broad spectrum of functional topics, from smart customisation through tailored business streams to strategy-based transformation, organisational DNA, and supply chain management. It is presented in media, ranging from reports and studies to books and speeches, as well as our award-winning quarterly journal, strategy+business.

Just as we advise our clients on how to manage their knowledge and tap the potential in this valuable asset, we shepherd our own intellectual capital. It enriches our value to clients. As with our client engagements, we bring a global perspective to the development and dissemination of our ideas.

Recent local activity includes:

Australia, December 6, 2016 –Thirty-three of the ASX 200 companies saw a turnover in Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in 2015, with the tenure of Australian CEOs edging above the global term in office for the first time in five years, PwC's Strategy& annual study of chief executive succession released today reveals.
Australia, November 1, 2016 –Australia still lags behind global peers on innovation with research and development (R&D) spend amongst some of Australia’s largest companies falling relative to their global counterparts, according to PwC Strategy&’s 2016 Global Innovation 1,000 study.