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Our Fit for Growth approach provides clients with the strategic corporate transformation support they need to systematically cut costs and enable sustainable growth

Cutting costs, promoting growth

Whether geopolitical tensions, the climate crisis, inflation, or the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic: multiple crises call for multiple responses. For many companies, this initially creates uncertainty. In order to maintain a clear perspective during difficult transformation processes and pursue a solid growth strategy, it is important to focus on one’s own strengths.

Our proven Fit for Growth* approach provides companies with guidance on how to strategically design their cost structure in a way that facilitates growth, even during a transformation process. To achieve this, our Fit for Growth methodology starts with an analysis of individual core competencies. Knowing them makes it possible to minimize costs and direct resources to where they can act as growth drivers. This strategy creates an optimized cost structure across the entire value chain, which serves as a catalyst for a successful transformation process and lays the foundation for new strength and resilience.

In practice, our Fit for Growth approach has proven itself time and again - and promoted our clients’ sustainable growth through a strategic transformation process. Our guide to overcoming the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and selected client examples illustrate how this methodology works.

*Fit for Growth is a registered service brand of PwC Strategy& LLC in the USA.

The Fit for Growth mini book

Learn more about our strategic approach to business transformation in this brief summary of the entire book.

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The Fit for Growth mini book

How we help the world's leading companies with Fit for Growth


End-to-end Fit for Growth transformation
Operating model design
Cost optimization
Change management

We take an end-to-end view of the value chain to help our clients through the entire process of getting fit and ready to grow. We begin by assessing a company's strategy and determining the few differentiating capabilities it needs to thrive. We then help institutionalize a more strategic approach to cost management by shifting investment to "good" costs and away from "bad", redirecting spending to the areas that lay the groundwork for sustainable, long-term growth. A Fit for Growth business transformation frequently touches every part of a company - and our collaborative approach is designed to support you at every stage of that journey.

We help our clients design and implement a fit-for-purpose operating model, one that holistically supports their strategy and leverages the company's people and culture – all the formal and informal elements that affect success. Our unique Organizational DNA approach helps focus on the underlying factors that together define an organization's "personality" and help explain its performance. Getting factors like decision rights and information flow right -within the organization’s structure and culture - will supercharge your organization.

We help our clients optimize overhead functions to best enable their strategy and achieve greater cost efficiency. We support our clients across the full spectrum of implementation, including benchmarking, adopting lean headquarters models, setting up and optimizing shared services, leveraging the benefits of outsourcing and offshoring, redesigning end-to-end business processes, and managing internal demand to maximize overhead efficiency.

We help our clients use their culture as a powerful tool in their Fit for Growth transformation process, because people initiatives spell the difference between success and failure in any large change program. The key to success is to work with and within your culture. We start by identifying elements of a company's culture that will support its strategic aspirations.

We then use a systematic approach, working with our clients to understand the enablers of change and the barriers to it that are unique to their company. Finally, we help deploy both informal and formal levers to promote key behaviors that shift mind-sets and produce a long-term impact on performance.

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