Aerospace and defense

With an integrated, capabilities-based, and authoritative industry perspective, we help clients develop long-term strategies to stay competitive even in turbulent times.

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At PwC’s Strategy&, we have a long history of working with the aerospace and defense (A&D) sector—and the largest dedicated A&D and government services practice among management and strategy consulting firms, with more than 1,000 professionals serving the industry. Our teams include former employees of major A&D companies, former military personnel, and former intelligence community players. With an integrated, capabilities-based, and authoritative perspective, we help clients capture value in the short term while preparing for the future.

Bold, practical strategy that works

Aerospace and Defense Trends 2018-19

Each year, Strategy& looks at the major trends shaping different industries to help you navigate the challenges and seize opportunities.

After decades of being the big players in a global pond, defense contractors must reinvent themselves as local businesses around the world.

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How we can help you

Business strategy

As players around the world expand their role in the A&D sector, and new technologies change customer acquisition priorities, companies must adapt to evolving market conditions and reevaluate their strategic direction. With unmatched industry experience, we help unlock our clients’ growth potential by developing integrated, capabilities-driven strategies. Service offerings include:

  • Corporate strategy
  • Organic growth
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Market entry strategies
  • International expansion
  • Shareholder value strategy
  • Strategic planning

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People and organization strategy

In a marketplace characterized by intense competition, complex requirements, and tight timeframes, A&D companies must consistently improve quality and reduce costs while maintaining the ability to exploit new opportunities. These demands often require companies to realign their organization, seek strategic M&A opportunities, and use objective- driven change initiatives to steer organizational transformation. We enable seamless transitions, helping clients improve their operational efficiency and competitiveness in an increasingly global industry. Service offerings include:

  • Post-merger integration
  • Organizational effectiveness and alignment
  • Operating model design and implementation
  • Strategic communications

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Operations strategy

We help clients optimize their operations by focusing on differentiated capabilities for continuous and sustained innovation. We focus on reducing costs to enable reinvestment, while bringing growth rates and returns on invested capital that exceed the performance of their competitors. We have deep knowledge and experience in industry 4.0, lean principles, sourcing, transparency, and tax issues across A&D manufacturing, distribution, and transportation. Service offerings include:

  • Customer operations
  • Innovation and product development
  • Strategic supply management
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply chain
  • Capital assets
  • General and administrative operations
  • Enterprise-wide operational excellence
  • Digital operations

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Technology strategy

In the A&D industry, the IT organization increasingly finds itself caught between opposing imperatives—being encouraged to provide greater support to the business and trying to control costs. We partner with our clients to create value in two important ways: by working with clients to reduce the cost of IT by aligning infrastructure, applications, and acquisitions to best practices; and by identifying opportunities to align IT with business strategy to increase competiveness and the ability to integrate with clients and partners, creating new growth opportunities over the long term. Service offerings include:

  • Capabilities architecture
  • Digital strategy and transformation
  • Technology-targeted Fit for Growth approach
  • Analytics and data management

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Whether you’re building new aircraft, commercial nuclear power plant designs, or something else entirely, our A&D expertise provides insight into best practices in program management and performance. We work with all types of megaproject stakeholders, including corporate owners, engineering procurement and construction (EPC) firms, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), governments, and major suppliers to improve the likelihood that a megaproject will be delivered safely, on-time, on budget, and with high quality. Service offerings include:

  • Assessment and capability building
  • Risk management
  • Leadership and operating model
  • Contracting and procurement
  • Design for affordability
  • Management outsourcing

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In an era of uncertain defense budgets and a shrinking procurement base, the traditional approach of squeezing savings through incremental...

Case studies

  • Business strategy
  • Organization strategy
  • Technology strategy
  • M&A transformation
Business strategy

Non-U.S. government agency advised on international market entry strategy

PwC’s Strategy& was hired by a non-U.S. government agency to assess potential entry strategies to the U.S. defense market for its aerospace and technology industrial bases. The project team, all experts in U.S. defense and international defense policy, quickly segmented and sized the market, identifying relevant areas of entry for the client. A value chain analysis segmented international participation for military sea, air, and land platforms in addition to addressing the increasingly global nature of commercial aerospace programs. As a result of our work, the client was able to understand the U.S. defense regulatory environment and identify key avenues for penetration and growth.

Global aerospace and defense company optimizes and simplifies its finance capability

PwC’s Strategy& worked with the leadership of a leading aerospace and defense company to optimize the finance team's ability to serve the business as a value integrator. We diagnosed root causes for the organizational complexity, addressed workload fragmentation through classification / reallocation of finance activities according to business value, developed operating model options to optimize service delivery, and highlighted more rewarding career pathways for finance team members. As a result, we aligned leaders on an enhanced operating model and roadmap and identified ~$50M in savings opportunities.

Technology strategy

Wireless and broadband company seeks growth opportunities in U.S. defense market

PwC's Strategy& was retained to create a U.S. government communications market growth strategy for a global commercial wireless and broadband network company. We segmented the market between base and tactical clients and assessed the current DHS and DoD demand for highly mobile voice-based applications and wireless broadband solutions. Through interviews, research, and quantitative analysis, we identified emerging market trends, assisted the client in defining its position for emerging growth opportunities, and helped align its product and technology portfolio with immediate market needs.

M&A transformation

Post-merger integration road map successfully leads to cost saving

PwC’s Strategy& was retained to assist in the stand-up of a joint venture and develop a financial and consolidation strategy to enable cost savings identified by the U.S. government. We identified financial and operational options, tactical restructuring trade-offs, and opportunities to build momentum across the client enterprise to close a successful implementation. We continue to lead the client's executive team through a transformation road map that has identified approximately $1 billion in potential savings.

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