2016 Global
Innovation 1000 Study

Investigating trends at the world’s 1000 largest corporate R&D spenders.


Decline in R&D allocated to product offerings


Difference in software R&D allocation between high and low performers


Growth in global R&D spending


Healthcare passes Computing and Electronics in R&D spending


Most of the world’s major innovators are in the midst of the same transformational journey.

They are moving into a new world in which R&D is shifting more and more to developing the software that enables and enhances the performance of their products, and on developing services they can sell along with the products, which provide customers with additional features and improved usability.

Global key findings

  • Product Offerings
  • Software and Performance
  • Global Innovation 1000
  • Healthcare

Average allocation of R&D budgets to product offerings will decline by 19% from 46% in 2010 to 37% by 2020.

Companies allocating 25% or more of their R&D budgets to software offerings report that their revenues are growing faster than those of key competitors that are allocating a smaller portion.

Worldwide R&D spending among the world’s 1000 largest corporate R&D spenders increased 0.04 percent in 2016 to $680 billion.

By 2018, Healthcare will pass Computing and Electronics to become the largest overall industry by R&D spending.


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