Strategy& CIO Success(ion) Study
by Richard Bhanap, Rainer Bernnat, Martin Roets, and Nicolai Bieber

Strategy& recently launched and conducted its inaugural CIO Success(ion) Study, in which we surveyed and interviewed CIOs from a wide range of large multinational companies, most of them headquartered in Europe, across industry sectors. Our goal: to better understand the new generation of CIO career paths, succession trends, and success factors. The CIO Success(ion) Study set out to examine where today’s CIOs came from and how they were selected and appointed. What emerged was quite surprising. Our findings have been captured in a compelling viewpoint written as a Memo to CEOs.

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Additional insights

The CIO Success(ion) Overview Video
with Richard Bhanap
Strategy& partner Richard Bhanap, author of the CIO Success(ion) Study, discusses its findings in this short video interview. The study was developed to help CEOs in an increasingly digital world better understand the new generation of CIO career paths, succession trends, and success factors. watch video >
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CIO Success(ion) Study: Are You Getting the Best Out of Your CIO?
with Richard Bhanap
Strategy& partner Richard Bhanap discusses the CIO Success(ion) Study and its findings. listen to the podcast >
How to Break the Cycle of CIO Turnover
Any company that wants to take advantage of the age of digitization needs a strong IT team, led by an effective CIO. Strategy&'s inaugural CIO succession study reveals the challenges and problems chief information officers face, and what chief executive officers can do to bolster their CIOs and strengthen their IT more on strategy+business >
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Key publications

IT consumerization: What IT managers and employees really want
The explosion of new technological devices, apps, and services has given employees newfound powers in the workplace (commonly called the consumerization of IT).read more >
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Digital engineering reloaded: Building differentiated advantage in product development
Digital engineering technology is unleashing the potential for major advances in industrial product development, from the concept phase through design and more >
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The 2012 industry digitization index
This second edition of the Strategy& industry digitization study investigates the degree of digitization across 15 industries in Europe. It allows to better understand which industries in which markets are leading the digitization journey and what specific business areas companies in various industries focus their digitization efforts on. read more >
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Successful IT-enabled transformations: The CXO cheat sheet
Large-scale IT transformations are notoriously prone to failure, often because companies do not consider the problem more >
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Capabilities and Coherence: Delivering Business Value Through IT
CIOs have an indispensable role to play in these organizations, both in helping to define corporate capabilities and strategies, and in ensuring that IT is properly aligned with them. read more >
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The new IT agenda: How to define and deliver a capabilities-driven approach
This Perspective lays out a three-step process that can help IT leaders become critical partners to the rest of the enterprise in building capabilities, while making the most of the information and communications technology (ICT) available to more >
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Media kit

CIO Success(ion) Study Press Release
Read our UK press release for the CIO Success(ion) Study. read more >
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Media report: Memo to the CEO: Are You Getting the Best Out of Your CIO?
This report revealed some surprising and unexpected insights—a number of which are directly relevant to you as the CEO—on what the concerns and goals of CIOs are today, where to find the right people to fill the role, and how to help them and their IT departments succeed. read more >
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The CIO Success(ion) Study in the News

"Changes threaten corporate IT leaders"
Financial Times
In its "The Connected Business" column, the Financial Times reported extensively on the results of Strategy&'s CIO Success(ion) more on (registration required) >
"The New CIO"
Als neuer CIO werden oft Externe angestellt, auf interne Beförderung legen Unternehmen wenig wert. Das kann Nachteile bringen. 2 von 3 CIOs kommen gemäss einer Studie von aussen in eine Firma, was nicht unbedingt positiv ist. » Von Fabian Vogtread full article (in German) >
"How is a CIO created?"
Wenn ein CIO eines Grosskonzerns einmal an ihre Karriere zurückdenkt, woran erinnert sie sich dann? Nun, sie wird sich wahrscheinlich an ihr Studium erinnern, das sie mit 80-prozentiger Wahrscheinlichkeit absolviert hat. Allerdings sind die CIO-Positionenread full article (in German) >
"Promotion in a roundabout way"
IT-Führungskräfte müssen sich auf einen häufigen Wechsel des Arbeitgebers einstellendownload (562kb, PDF, in German) >

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Memo to the CEO: Are You Getting the Best Out of Your CIO?


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