Financial Services

Sid's Story

  • MBA with Distinction from London Business School;
    Bachelor of Commerce degree with First Class Honours from University of Delhi
  • Initially worked across a number of industries before beginning to focus on a smaller selection of industry and functional topics. Over last few years I have increasingly specialised in conducting Board level strategic reviews for financial services, consumer goods and media companies, with specific focus on retail/mass-affluent banking, private banking and long-term savings.



Q: When you joined PwC's Strategy&?

A: 2006 (Full-time), 2005 (Summer Associate)

Q: Why Strategy&?

A: I have asked myself this question several times, especially when the late nights, countless flights, fast food and endless workload starts getting too much. However, the answer to why I continue to work here is always the same. I can't imagine getting the same intellectual challenge in any other job coupled with the chance to work with the brightest, most driven and hugely talented group of individuals. In many ways each one of us is different, yet we share the same unrelenting desire to crack the problem in ways never thought of before, the same passion for our clients and their success, the same focus on mentorship and apprenticeship. No matter which Strategy& office I am in the world, the same shared values – our shared values – are clearly felt and witnessed in every interaction with any Strategy& employee.

Beyond our values, it is the variety of the challenges and opportunities that a career with Strategy& provides. Where else could I have had the chance to work in numerous cities of Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America, across varied and dynamic industry sectors including media, telecoms, chemicals, food & beverage, consumer electronic, retail banking, private banking and insurance, all in a span of 7 years. It's often heard in the corridors of Strategy& – no two days are ever the same here – that's certainly been true of my years with the firm.

Q: What's been your most rewarding project to date?

A: Medium to long-term strategy development for the Caribbean subsidiary of a large Canadian bank. The project involved weekly trips to several Caribbean countries, while essentially being based out of Barbados for the remainder of the week. Although the work was challenging, it was deeply enriching as I developed a deep understanding of the complex macro-economic dynamics of these islands, and working in the exotic locales made it thoroughly more enjoyable. I was specifically tasked to figure out the customer segmentation strategy and proposition design for the retail bank. Conducting mystery shopping at a number of branches of various competitor banks was quite an eye-opener, not to mention a whole lot of fun as well. I have continued to maintain good relationships with several of the clients I met during the project, and cherish the many friends made. Our work was well received by the Board and the CEO of the bank, and helped the bank navigate the truly testing macro-economic environment in the Caribbean islands.