Our Moscow team


  • Alexey Khokhlov
    Moscow-based Partner Alexey Khokhlov is a member of our Energy, Chemicals & Utilities practice specializing in the nuclear energy...
  • Director

  • Alexey Shakurin
    Director in our Moscow office, Alexey works with leading technology companies and telecom operators...
  • Senior

  • Dmitry Mordovenko
    Dmitry Mordovenko is a Senior Executive Advisor. He is a member of the Energy, Chemicals and Utilities practice...
  • Principal

  • Maria Kulagina
    Maria Kulagina is a Principal with Strategy& with 10 years of experience in strategic management consulting...
  • Senior

  • Anna Aleksandrova
    Anna leads projects in the Energy, Chemicals and Utilities practice, mainly specializing in the utilities, oil and gas and construction sectors...
  • Anna Danishevskaya
    Anna represents Strategy&’s media practice in the Moscow office. She also leads assignments for firm’s telecommunications clients...
  • Benny Yoshpa
    Benny Yoshpa is a Senior Associate in the strategy practice based in Moscow. He has 4 years of experience with Strategy&, focusing on...
  • Senior

  • Dr. Irina Svyato
    Dr. Irina Svyato has 5 years experience in consulting with Strategy&. Dr. Svyato’s experience relates mainly to the healthcare, pharmaceutical,...