Lars Sanders

What is your background?

I hold a Bachelor and Master in International Business Administration from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. I joined PwC's Strategy& (still Booz & Company at the time) early 2009, after having started my career in strategy consulting at the Monitor Group. As part of the career trajectory at Strategy& I completed my MBA at IESE in Barcelona in 2013. I am currently working as Manager at the firm.

Why did you choose consulting at Strategy&?

For me the challenging nature of the job, the high variety in project work and the steep learning curve related to that, were the main reasons to choose for consulting. What attracted me to Strategy& in particular was first of all the international staffing model, which gives you plenty of opportunities to work on projects abroad for a couple of months. Over time I have worked on international assignments in for example Italy, Switzerland, and the Middle East. The second reason I chose Strategy& was the drive and enthusiasm I encountered in the people I met there. Having been with the firm for many years now I can say this has really made a big difference in my day-to-day work. Working in teams with smart and enthusiastic colleagues creates a very inspiring environment that pushes me to go the extra mile, and maybe even more importantly, makes me enjoy my work every single day.

What kind of projects did you work on?

The majority of my projects I have done in our Consumer and Retail practice, to which I am since recently also officially aligned. Within C&R I have worked on a large variety of projects, ranging from a growth strategy for a theme park, a go-to-market strategy for a global packaged goods company, and a fresh supply chain strategy for an international retailer. Beyond that I have a specific focus on digital strategy and e-commerce, which is a topic I am particularly passionate about. Examples of projects include an online strategy for a large grocery retailer, a digital B2B strategy for a manufacturer of construction products, and a strategic turnaround for an online travel agency.

How did you realize impact at Strategy&?

In my opinion, the key to success is working in teams together with the client on a daily basis. Fully understanding their most important issues and finding solutions that suit their particular situation. I find it very energizing and motivating to see the lasting impact we have on our clients. Experiencing first hand that your recommendations are being implemented and are driving success for the client is extremely rewarding.