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CNBC Arabia interviews Strategy&'s Sevag Papazian to discuss the Ideation Center Insight entitled Fit for Service government: The opportunity in the GCC's fiscal challenge.

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According to Strategy&’s principal Paul Leinwand and retired CEO Cesare Mainardi, these problems are not caused simply by external forces. They are the outcome of the way most companies are managed. There is a significant and unnecessary gap between strategy and execution: a lack of connection between where the enterprise aims to go and what it can accomplish. We have met many leaders who understand this problem, but very few who know how to overcome it. In another global study, this time of more than 700 senior executives, only 8 percent said the top leaders of their enterprises excelled at both strategy and execution.
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According to Strategy&’s report on behalf of Facebook "Connecting the world: Ten mechanisms for global inclusion", bringing the internet to the 4 billion people not currently online would add $6.7 trillion to the global economy and lift 500 million people out of poverty, new research has found. The report, prepared for Facebook by PwC’s strategy consultants Strategy&, looks at mechanisms for encouraging global inclusion and connecting the world through the internet. With access to the internet being declared a basic human right by the United Nations, the importance of connecting the 55% of the world’s population who are offline is a truly global issue.”
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Strategy&’s report on behalf of Facebook "Connecting the world: Ten mechanisms for global inclusion" concludes that 500 million people could escape poverty by being connected online. Connecting the majority of the world would also benefit the global economy by over $6 trillion, according to the study, and provide a $400 billion growth opportunity for telecom operators. Currently, 4.1 billion people are disconnected from the modern economy.

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Dubai, May 17, 2016The Middle East can add $380 billion to regional economic output by bringing the whole region online according to a major new study by Strategy&, formerly Booz & Company and part of the PwC network, on behalf of Facebook. In an environment of low commodity prices and regional instability, the Middle East is changing how it achieves sustainable economic growth. Innovation and digitization will play as important a role in the future as government spending. This is because the Internet is a major driver of growth, and creator of new, high value jobs around the world, which makes digital inclusion a powerful tool for development and poverty reduction.
21% of the 62 largest listed Middle East corporates saw a new CEO take the helm with Saudi Arabia at a very rate of 38,5% in 2015