Richard Holman

Richard Holman

Florham Park

Richard Holman is a Florham Park-based Partner with Strategy& and a member of the firm’s Operations practice. An expert on innovation, specifically in new product innovation, product development and product quality.

Mr. Holman has extensive experience working in the following sectors:

  • Industrial
  • High Tech
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Lifesciences

Mr. Holman’s accomplishments include:

  • Implementing a new product and portfolio management operating model across a large high tech equipment and software company
  • Architecting and implementing an Agile/Lean product development approach for a large industrial company
  • Assisting a large Tier 1 automotive company in reducing its engineering footprint cost and improving performance in project timing, delivery, and product quality
  • Transforming the product development and product quality management system for a medical device company to drive design-for-six sigma quality

A co-author of the 2011 Global Innovation 1000 study and accompanying strategy+business cover story, "Why Culture is Key." Mr. Holman also co-authored "Order Out of Chaos: A Third-Generation Approach to Developing Winning Products," and several external publications.

Prior to joining the firm as a principal in 2007, Mr. Holman worked at United Technologies, Boeing, and McKinsey & CompanyBA He holds an MBA from the University of Chicago-Booth Business School, and an MS in Engineering from Purdue University. In his leisure he enjoys sailing in the Chesapeake Bay with his wife Terry, and studying early American colonial history.