Demand analytics

The link between demand analytics and commercial performance

Strategy& and INSEAD study

Over the summer of 2014, we collaborated with INSEAD to research the link between demand analytics and commercial performance. Our findings show that companies with leading demand analytics capabilities demonstrated higher commercial performance levels.

This correlation was widely recognized by the executives who responded to the survey. About 70 percent of the firms with leading demand analytics capabilities have invested considerably and consistently to develop them. Those with significant investments in demand analytics also see measurable impact; 26 percent of respondents say it helped turn around a business and improve profitability.

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Additional insights

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Strategy&, in collaboration with INSEAD eLab, have researched the link between Demand Analytics and commercial performance. James Walker, Strategy& partner, discusses the survey findings in this short video interview.
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A global study conducted by management consultancy Strategy&, part of the PwC network of firms, in collaboration with INSEAD eLab, supports that companies with leading *Demand Analytics (DA) capabilities are demonstrating higher commercial performance levels than competitors.

Our thought leadership

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