Demand analytics

Demand analytics

The roles and power of data have evolved considerably in the last few years. We can help you develop the capabilities to understand the data insights your business generates and harness these insights to be more efficient across different parts of your business. Beyond this, we can help you put in place the structure and capabilities to understand and transfer this knowledge into your wider business strategy.

Strategy&’s demand analytics practice sits at the confluence of three major trends revolutionizing the business world—big data, digitization, and customer-centricity. Our experts will help you optimize the demand-side drivers of your revenue that encompass products, pricing, promotions, and customer relationships. We’ll provide practical, strategic advice and clear ways to execute data-centric solutions so that you can make smarter decisions about your customers, brands, and budgets.

We’ll also help you transform your analytics capabilities. Our experts will evaluate your business applications and determine how you’re currently using data. Then we’ll create a tailored plan for generating the actionable insights you need. We’ll put the right data, technologies, tools, and systems in place. We’ll make sure you have the right teams with the right skill sets. And we’ll set up appropriate governing processes to make analytics a sustainable asset for the long term.

How we will work with you

Analytics capability transformation

Transcend functional silos to leverage data and analytics across the enterprise.

Most companies report undertaking some form of advanced analytics activity, but very few go beyond isolated functional alignment to truly leverage their investments in data assets across the enterprise. Regardless of your organization’s maturity level, whether it is just getting started or has already attained pockets of excellence, our experts will collaborate with you to develop an enterprise-wide differentiated capability for using data and analytics.

Our service offerings include:

  • Analytics capability assessments
  • Identification and valuation of business opportunities for applying analytics
  • Analytics capability development road maps, including pilot-project execution and rollout
  • Design and review of big data and technology architecture
  • Enterprise data strategy, incorporating monetization
  • Analytics organizational transformation, together with cultural change for data-driven decision making

For more information please visit our Capabilities-Driven Strategy page or contact our expert Soumyajyoti Datta.

Digital analytics

Combine insight from structured and unstructured data to design differentiated customer experiences.

Companies of all sizes struggle to analyze and use unstructured data. Making sense of the incessant streams derived from social media and customer emails, together with the mounting reams of Web and mobile log files, for instance, presents challenges. Yet the real value of that data is realized only when it is combined with the structured data that companies possess. Our experts will help you mine unstructured data and marry it with insights derived from traditional structured sources (such as customer, transaction, product, and campaign databases). We’ll then work with you to apply the insights in order to both transform digital engagement processes and develop differentiated customer experiences.

Our service offerings include:

  • Content testing and user experience optimization
  • Product and service bundling and offer optimization
  • Digital pathway analysis and website optimization
  • Email campaign optimization
  • Behavioral segmentation and profiling
  • Design of recommendation engines
  • Social media, mobile, and text analytics
  • E-commerce optimization

For more information please visit our Digitization page or contact our expert Soumyajyoti Datta.

Customer analytics

Be relevant throughout the customer relationship life cycle.

Easy reach, “always-on” access, commoditized products, and competitive pricing pressures have placed a premium on relevance. And to stay relevant in today’s market, you must go beyond understanding your customers’ needs to anticipating them. How do you do that?

Our experts are skilled at mining your customer transaction and behavioral data. The insights they generate can help you offer the right product to each customer through the right channels — delivered with the best content at the perfect time. We’ll continuously refine our models with the results of successive customer interactions to ensure you stay relevant throughout the relationship life cycle.

Our service offerings include:

  • Response and purchase propensity modeling
  • Customer acquisition and activation optimization
  • Advanced micro-segmentation and profiling
  • Customer profitability and lifetime value modeling
  • Affinity analysis and market basket optimization
  • Cross-sell, upsell, and next-best-offer modeling
  • Churn modeling and attrition prevention optimization
  • Win-back modeling and offer optimization
  • Customer loyalty analytics and optimization

For more information please visit our customer relationship management (CRM) page or contact our expert Soumyajyoti Datta.

Marketing analytics

Allocate budgets and attribute results with precision and certainty.

Escalating media budgets come with increased pressure to demonstrate results. Continuously fragmenting media and the growth of niche audiences add to the complexity. The challenges are further compounded by cross-channel customer journeys that make attribution difficult. Our experts can help you build advanced market mix and attribution models that demonstrate the comparative ROI from various channels. Using our Fit for Growth* methodology, we can further streamline your marketing investments so that costs are optimized across the marketing value chain.

Our service offerings include:

  • Market mix modeling and media budget optimization
  • Marketing attribution models
  • MROI of paid, owned, and earned media channels
  • Market structure, brand portfolio, and architecture optimization
  • Contact center analytics and cost optimization
  • Contact agent analytics
  • Demand forecasting

For more information please visit our Fit for Growth page or contact our expert Marc Hoogenberg.

* Fit for Growth is a registered service mark of PwC Strategy& LLC in the United States.

Sales analytics

Navigate a clear route to market with multichannel sales data.

We understand that for retail and consumer companies, data holds the key to optimizing the route to market and enables smart choices among channels and partners. And we understand that the complexity of the data that is generated across multiple channels and partners — such as retailers, distributors, e-commerce channels, and sales teams — often presents challenges to seeing the big picture. Our experts will work with you to develop a tailored plan that gathers integrated data and results in actionable insights. Further, using our Trade Promotion Excellence methodology, we can optimize your return from collaborative promotional expenditure.

Our service offerings include:

  • Pricing elasticity modeling and discounting optimization
  • Price laddering and category management
  • Assortment planning and analytics
  • Merchandising optimization
  • SKU rationalization and product delisting
  • Sales agent and commission analytics
  • Sales territory design
  • Retail site selection

For more information please visit our Trade Promotion Excellence page or contact our expert Marc Hoogenberg.

Consumer insights

Develop compelling value propositions.

Consumer insight from primary research should drive your decisions on innovation, branding, marketing, and sales. Our experts will help you analyze trends and ensure your agility so that you can anticipate changes in consumer demand and purchasing habits, evolution in technologies, and shifting demographics and market economics. We’ll help you build consumer insight capabilities and integrate tools and processes into your business.

Our service offerings include:

  • Identification of unmet needs/white space
  • Qualitative research, ethnography, and social listening
  • Needs-based segmentation and development of value propositions
  • Conjoint and discrete choice modeling
  • Price–product architecture models
  • Survey and questionnaire design
  • Customer experience research and modeling
  • Customer satisfaction and customer advocacy modeling

For more information please visit our customer and consumer insights page or contact our expert Marc Hoogenberg.

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