Management Engineers

Management Engineers

On April 2, 2013, international consulting firm Management Engineers, headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany, joined global management consulting firm Strategy&. The combination brings together two firms with a similar heritage and complementary service offerings — practical strategists who work alongside their clients to get the job done.

Management Engineers is a technology-oriented management consultancy focused on helping clients in manufacturing industries achieve targeted results. It is renowned for its industry-experienced consultants and unrivaled strengths in operations and implementation consulting. Joining Strategy& enables Management Engineers professionals to:

  • Offer clients a significantly expanded service portfolio
  • Serve client needs across all continents
  • Combine the specific service profile of Management Engineers with the skills of a world-class strategy consultancy

Collectively, we can now give our clients the best the market has to offer, anywhere in the world. Our clients will immediately see the benefit of our joined forces and compatible capabilities.

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This study by Management Engineers and the research institute Prognos examines the reasons behind the remarkable success of the German industrial sector and identifies potential hazards and pitfalls facing the German industry in the future.