Technology strategy

Technology strategy

In the aftermath of the recent global economic slowdown, companies have been searching for ways to cut costs while at the same time grow capabilities that are core to their future growth. Traditionally, Technology strategy has been viewed as a cost center for most companies, one of the first areas where cost cutting would occur, due partially to the enormous complexity that was created within the Technology strategy organization over the years. Moving forward, as organizations have been forced to cut costs and look strategically at where the company is going, Technology strategy has the opportunity to take a strategic role as an enabler of future business success.

PwC’s strategy consulting team Strategy& has extensive experience on a global scale helping large organizations in both the private and public sector make technology a strategic enabler of business success through our four interrelated service areas:

Digital and IT strategy and effectiveness

We help our clients build World Class IT organizations that expedite business outcomes with best-in-class cost structures. This service area covers topics such as IT and Digital strategy, Business and IT alignment, IT operating model, infrastructure and applications architecture, and outsourcing. The dual goals of efficiency and effectiveness are key pillars of our World Class IT offering.

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Process transformation

The discipline of enabling business change and creating capabilities that involve significant technology elements. Topics covered include ERP and CRM programs, ensuring fast and predictable results in large-scale renewal efforts, and driving portfolio choices that are appropriate to serve business needs. Strategy& has codified the key building blocks for program success in our Program Value Realization service offering.

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Structural change

The technological and business process elements of combining and separating businesses in merger or divestiture situations. Strategy& has comprehensive methods, tools, and long track record of success in delivering on complex, global mergers, and divestitures and achieving significant synergies in the process..

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Technology innovation

The appropriate use and adoption of massive innovations driven by the technology community worldwide. Strategy& offerings include key trend evaluation, economics, lifecycle maturity assessment, and risks of technological innovation. Key current study areas at the moment include cloud computing, digital, and convergence.

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