Current Issue: Special Digital Edition (Part I)

Digital Health: A Way for Pharma Companies to Be More Relevant in Healthcare

by Anu Gupta, Saptarshi Sinha, and Jeff Schumacher

With the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act, pharmaceutical companies have an opportunity to deliver a better experience for patients, improve health outcomes, and lower the cost of healthcare in the U.S., by using digital health technology—tools that bring advances in genomics and advances in digital technology together. Health solutions, such as Web portals, body sensors, and apps are becoming more and more popular with both patients and physicians, and the pharmaceutical industry can use its expertise to take these point solutions and turn them into a more holistic, and complete, digital health system. read more >

Unlocking the Value of Digitization in Automotive Sales and Distribution

by Ruth Densborn, Jan Bakker, Alex Koster, and Jörg Kring

Digitization is changing the way cars are marketed and sold—social media, mobile technology, and independent online information sources are giving the consumer more decision-making power. But as many original equipment manufacturers have been slow to embrace new online channels, dealers have to deal with new rivals that are using digital marketing technology to their own profitable advantage. In order to compete, automakers and their dealers must join together to build first-class digital sales and marketing capabilities. Those that do will likely find themselves turning digitally minded consumers into loyal longtime customers. read more >

The Data Gold Rush: Companies Need the Right Models and Capabilities to Monetize Data

by John Plansky, Jamie Solomon, Rebecca Karp, and Carl Drisko

The newness of digital technology has left many financial services firms unaware of the data they have gathered—information about costs, profits, operations, supplier practices, and customer behavior. Booz & Company estimates that the revenue from data commercialization will be US$175 billion in 2013 and will ramp up to $300 billion per year in the next three to five years across capital markets, commercial banking, consumer finance and banking, and insurance. In order to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital age, financial services companies can choose from five basic business models for using data profitably and effectively—from improving current core business to offering entirely new products and services. read more >


In Last Month’s Issue

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Desktop virtualization (or ‘desktop as a service’) allows companies to operate their IT function with greater flexibility and at lower cost than with traditional desktop computers. More important, the right solution also helps employees become more productive, by giving them remote access to all applications, work in progress, and corporate data and systems—from any device and on any operating system. read more >


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