The pervasive adoption of broadband, cloud, and mobile technologies connecting consumers, companies, and governments alike — a process we call digitization — is now in full flood, and it will transform every industry over the next several years. If companies in the high-technology industry are to play a major role in enabling this process, they must transform themselves as well. That means developing the capabilities they will need to help their customers thrive in a fully digital world, while learning how to scale those customer solutions up to entire industries.

This will require technology companies to redefine themselves as a part of a significantly more open and inclusive environment, one that will favor broad ecosystems of partners and collaborators, and to adjust their operations and global supply chains to take account of these new ecosystems.

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There is indeed a wearable future ahead, one that can dramatically alter the landscape of society and business as we know it—and it’s right around the corner. This PwC study, featuring insights from Matt Egol, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer for Strategy&’s Digital Services, looks at some of the strengths and opportunities for wearable tech.

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The study ranks the 50 largest publicly held business-to-business suppliers of digitization-related products, services, and infrastructure.
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In this Scientific American article, Barry Jaruzelski discusses the special trait that distinguishes Silicon Valley’s firms from ordinary companies: the ability to integrate their innovation strategies with their business strategies.
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The study was developed to help CEOs in an increasingly digital world better understand the new generation of CIO career paths, succession trends, and success factors.
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With information and communications technology access approaching ubiquity, policymakers are faced with the challenge of ensuring individuals, businesses, are making the best possible use of networks and applications.
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Strategy& worked with the Bay Area Council Economic Institute to identify the strategic, cultural, and organizational attributes.

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Strategy& has extensive experience with large, international technology corporations, acting as an independent senior advisor on corporate strategy, investment portfolio decisions, and operational improvements. We support our clients with a global team possessing deep expertise in all major technology industry sectors.

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