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These are turbulent times for media and entertainment companies. Traditional media businesses face enormous cyclical and sectoral pressures. The shift to digital is well past the tipping point. And the global economic downturn is accelerating changes in marketer and consumer spending that will likely reduce the post-recession recovery for many media and entertainment companies around the world.

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Our thought leadership

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Traditional media companies have recently started partnering with or acquiring multichannel networks. The next step is to help the networks produce more content, seek out global audiences, and diversify their distribution and revenue streams beyond YouTube.
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With the latest mobile technology, the ability to deliver seamless, omnichannel consumer experiences is finally within reach.
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A new study is revealing the opportunities and challenges in today’s marketplace, and how marketers, retailers, media companies, and other key industry players can compete to win.
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Most of the future growth in viewership will take place on new screens like PCs, tablets, and smartphones, and through new, nonlinear video formats, while social media will rise in importance.

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Partner Christopher Vollmer discusses at the November 2012 Cisco Live Latin America in Cancun, Mexico, how key digitization trends are impacting consumers, businesses and governments and what the implications are for both strategy and capability development.

How we help our clients

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Core business strategy and capability development
  • Growth strategy
  • International expansion
  • Acquisition planning and due diligence
  • Digital strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Monetization strategy

All with a concentrated focus on building the capabilities required to create and capture value in these areas.

Advertising sales and marketing
  • Sales strategy
  • Customer/category segmentation
  • Sales effectiveness
  • Sales-force design and incentives
  • Cross-platform sales, pricing and yield management
  • Acquisition and retention strategies
  • Performance improvement, restructuring, editorial and newsroom effectiveness
  • Shared services
  • Sales and operations planning
  • Supply chain restructuring, sourcing, and acquisition
  • Integration support
  • Technology strategies
  • Outsourcing and offshoring
  • Lean IT
  • Technology organizational design
  • New technology evaluation, applications, and customer relationship management
Organization and change management
  • Organizational design and implementation
  • Culture and talent management
  • Productivity improvement
  • Program management
  • Process redesign

Client examples

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