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Consumer products companies have recently sought to attain profitable growth by extending business scale and scope while simultaneously rationalizing operations. Although each sector — durables, consumables, apparel, specialty goods, etc. — has faced its own unique issues, consumer business leaders are also confronted with some common challenges.

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10 Principles of Customer Strategy
It’s no longer enough to target your chosen customers. To stay ahead, you need to create distinctive value and experiences for them.
Diagnosing Dislocation
Don’t assume the new entrant in your market is a disruption. Learn to recognize different types of threats and design the best strategic response.
2016 Retail and Consumer Products Trends
The implications of five trends driving novel changes in consumer spending and behavior could alter the trajectory of retailers and consumer goods companies for decades.
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Consumer packaged goods companies spend billions of dollars each year on trade promotion but few really understand what they get in return, since getting a clear picture of spending and ROI is a complex undertaking. Strategy& has created post-event analysis software that can help clear the haze.

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Consolidation in Consumer Packaged Goods
How supersized deals are helping the sector respond to challenges.
It Takes a Village to Raise a Brand
When a product loses consumer appeal, it’s usually because the company’s support system has broken down.
The value of customer experience
In Mergercast 58, principals with PwC US Tom Hansson and Abhijeet Shekdar discuss the growth challenges for mature food companies.
The value of customer experience
Using customer experience (CX) to create value for your customers and business in an Age of Experience.
Small Customer Today, Revenue Giant Tomorrow
A new segmentation strategy can help sales teams identify their growth hot spots.
Navigating Retail’s Last Mile
To serve online shoppers effectively, companies need to make complex trade-offs among speed, variety, and convenience.
How U.S. CPGs can get their groove back
Achieving sales growth in an increasingly complex CPG market will require rethinking the marketing and promotion strategy, more effective product portfolios, innovative merchandising, and the flexibility to work with different retail formats.
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Strategy& Chief Retail Strategist Tom Blischok and Partner Nick Hodson look at the implications of Clay Christensen’s recent analysis of retailing.

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PwC’s strategy consulting team Strategy& has a broad and deep set of capabilities for addressing issues faced by consumer products companies. We support our clients with a global team that has experience across all major consumer goods industry sectors, including durables, consumables, apparel, and specialty goods.

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