Strategy& Foresight

July 2014

Introducing Strategy& Foresight

Welcome to our inaugural edition of Strategy& Foresight! Every quarter we publish more than 100 pieces of thought leadership, and it is my pleasure to share this curated list of a selection of our most insightful and provocative new articles. This quarter, all roads lead to growth. Virtually every company is chasing it, and in today’s turbulent market, it’s more difficult than ever to build good growth that lasts.

First we go back 100 years to an era when Henry Ford chased growth by paying his workers more and having them work less — causing corporate shock waves. This story is included in our annual Chief Executive Study, which provides a fascinating journey through the CEO’s office from 1914 to 2040.

In "Growing When Your Industry Doesn’t," find out why you can’t blame a bad industry for your company’s lack of growth, and learn how some companies unlock the magical growth formula to consistently outperform their competitors and their industries.

"10 Principles of Leading Change Management" was one of the most read strategy+business articles of all time — so we’ve updated it with our latest research findings. It’s the ultimate top 10 list for any company looking to grow through transformation.

And finally, in "Reimagine your enterprise," learn why lasting digital growth begins not with dollars, but with people. This article provides a practical and compelling case for using human-centered design to push your company into bold and valuable new digital terrain.

We hope you can put these leading ideas to work for your company to help you build sustainable growth that delivers lasting success.

Best regards,

Cesare Mainardi
CEO, Strategy&

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