Strategy& Foresight
November 2016

Leadership matters, now more than ever.

Strategic transformations—marked by the collision of technological breakthroughs, financial crises, demographic shifts, and other global forces—continue to make waves across industries. And yet, research shows a shocking deficit of capable captains. In a recent survey of 6,000 senior executives, only 8 percent identified themselves as strategic leaders. Over the past four years, more than 22% of incoming CEOs at the largest 2,500 publicly traded companies were hired from outside. The only way to manage disruptions and innovate for the future is to plan strategically. Here at Strategy&, we’re committed to helping you identify your capabilities, so you can successfully connect strategy and execution to win in the market. Of all the valuable content we’ve produced in the past several months, these are the top five insights we believe are worth your time.

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The value of identity

To see how well you know your company’s capabilities, take this 5-minute survey. If there’s a disconnect, take a look at 5 unconventional leadership tricks that are proven to help performance, morale, and competitive advantage.

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How to become a strategic leader
Distribute responsibility. Make it safe to fail. These and 8 other principles of strategic leadership are critical to your company’s success. Short on time? watch the 2-minute video.
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Why more CEOs are on the move

Amid transformation, new and different skillsets are prized. And as a result, leaders go from one company to the next more frequently than ever before. Find out more about the outsider CEO trend. Short on time? watch the 2-minute video.

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When a disruption isn’t what it appears

Not all new entrants to your market are equally dangerous. Learn to identify 4 major types of threats and stay competitive. Short on time? watch the 2-minute video.

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R&D streams into software and services

It’s no surprise that in today’s digital world, the most innovative companies are investing 25% more of their R&D spend in software products and related services. What else are they doing?

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