Strategy That Works: A practical roadmap to success
"Strategy That Works" co-author, Paul Leinwand, brings to life some key concepts from the book. Building on more than a decade of research, he explains how companies like Haier, CEMEX, and Adidas have succeeded over time. “Success comes from making a promise about the value you’re going to create, and then focusing everything you have on delivering that promise. It’s about what you do, not what you sell.”

“Strategy That Works: Five Acts to Transform Your Future
Why are so many companies wasting time and money on strategies that never come to life? Ironically, it sounds like they're doing all the right things. But this conventional wisdom is a trap: It creates a huge gap between your destination and your ability to get there. In order to build a strategy actually built to execute, you need to do the opposite of what most companies do. Based on a decade of research, our new book "Strategy That Works" reveals the formula for success: five unconventional acts that the world's leading companies use to win.


2016 Oil and Gas Trends
Viren Doshi and Adrian Del Maestro talk to Alison Baker about the upcoming trends likely to impact the oil and gas industry in 2016.


Organizational DNA: The key to unlocking your company's potential
An organization’s DNA – the combination of formal and informal traits that make up its “personality” – has a big impact on its potential for success. Understanding your company’s OrgDNA® type can help you determine whether your organization is primed to enable, or impede its own strategy. Watch this short video, or visit to learn more.


Innovation’s new world order
Author Barry Jaruzelski discusses where corporate R&D spending shifts have occurred and why.


Trends in R&D spending
Examination of R&D spending by the Global Innovation 1000 and the 10 Most Innovative Companies in 2015.


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