In this episode, Paul Leinwand, a Senior Partner at Strategy&, discusses the emergence of the supercompetitor, new type of company that changes the very dynamics of its business environment. He explores the role of M&A as a growth driver for these organizations, asking whether supercompetitors have a different approach to M&A than less-influential companies, to what extent they are more reliant upon M&A for growth, and how CEOs and board members should be thinking about this trend.

Learn how to take advantage of the opportunities opened up by big data.


Strategy& partner, Alan Gemes, discusses the global wealth report and its findings.


In this episode, Earl Simpkins, a Partner at Strategy& based in Dallas, discusses where we are in the current wave of utilities industry M&A. Topics include the impact of natural gas pricing, environmental issues and the strengthening economy, whether a particular acquisition strategy has emerged from these factors, and how increased regulatory speed has played a role in driving combinations and post-merger integration.


Strategy& partner Richard Bhanap discusses the CIO Success(ion) Study and its findings.


In this episode, John Jullens, a Partner at Strategy& based in Shanghai, discusses the challenges faced by foreign companies looking to merge or acquire assets in China. He offers 8 best practices that include focusing on your own capabilities gaps when seeking Chinese partners, conducting a thorough stakeholder analysis, clarifying decision rights up front, and finding ways to earn the trust of your Chinese partners.


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