In this episode, Ahmad Filsoof, a Principal at Strategy& based in Chicago, describes a methodology for companies looking to divest a part of their business that centers on the capabilities that come with that asset. He explores the importance of a capabilities-centered approach and discusses in detail the five steps that comprise such a process: capability scoping, baseline analysis, option analysis, transition planning, and buyer engagement. This approach was first addressed in a recent strategy+business article.

In this episode, J Neely, a Partner at Strategy&, discusses the challenge of pre-close merger integration when one side is being uncooperative. He addresses a number of topics including the drivers behind uncooperative behavior, the types of deals in which this might occur, how big a threat lack of cooperation can be to a successful integration, and the steps management should take to address this issue before it becomes a major problem.


In this episode, Gerald Adolph, a Senior Partner at Strategy& and head of the firm's mergers and restructuring group, examines the importance of culture in merger integration. He discusses why culture is such a difficult issue, the ways culture can derail a merger where everything else is a good match, how companies should approach this challenge, and why many merging companies today are failing to properly address the issue of culture.


In this episode, Gary Ahlquist, a Senior Partner at Strategy&, discusses the surge in health provider M&A he sees ahead. Gary speaks with host Gerald Adolph, Senior Partner and head of the firm's mergers and restructuring group, about the timing and scope of the expected boom, the macro trends behind this surge, industry-specific factors pushing institutions to do deals, and the importance of capabilities as a driver of these transactions.


In this episode, John Corrigan, a Partner at Strategy&, discusses the coming consolidation in the oil industry he sees on the horizon, prompted by recent deals such as Energy Transfer’s $5.3 billion acquisition of Sunoco. He addresses a number of topics including the extent to which weakness in natural gas prices will drive industry mergers, over what time frame we’ll see the rush to buy oil assets, and some ideas on likely targets in this consolidation.


In this second episode in a two-part series, Gerald Adolph, Senior Partner and leader of Strategy&'s mergers and restructuring group, continues his interview with J. Neely, a Partner at the firm, about new Strategy& research finding that transactions designed to enhance or leverage companies' core capabilities outperformed other deals. They explore some specific cases where capabilities took center stage, looking at companies including Danaher Corp., Li & Fung Ltd. and Walgreen Co.


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