In Mergercast 57 Arjun Saxena and Doug Stotz, principals with PwC US, discuss a potentially game-changing dynamic: why the bank sector needs $600 billion worth of M&A.  The authors look at market forces transforming the sector, the unique challenge for smaller banks, and deal implications of new regulation.

In this two-part Mergercast series Thomas Flaherty, a principal with PwC US, discusses a popular method of value creation – divestitures. Part 1 discusses why carve-outs are growing in popularity, competitive considerations a company should address before conducting a divestiture, and how best a company can create addition by subtraction. Part 2 addresses the tricky business of execution.


Part 2 of this Mergercast series on divestitures addresses the tricky business of execution. Tom Flaherty, a principal with PwC US, discusses common mistakes made during the actual separation, planning for the unexpected, and what considerations are needed for the entity left behind to continue successfully. Part 1 discusses why carve-outs are growing in popularity.


Leading practitioners of Strategy&, PwC's strategy consulting business, and principals with PwC US, Randy Starr and Hunter Hohlt discuss how in recent years companies across all sectors have been the target of activist investors. Citing examples in the Aerospace and Defense industry, they outline some of the business strategies employed by companies that make them particularly vulnerable, and tactics they can employ to decrease their attractiveness to activists.


In episode 52 of Strategy&'s Mergercast, Larry Jones and Joe Duerr, leading practitioners in the strategic value consulting group of the PwC U.S. deals practice, discuss how companies can best utilize their most potent weapon against shareholder activists: insider knowledge.


In episode 51 of Mergercast, principals with PwC US J Neely and John Jullens discuss the insights from Strategy&'s study "Deals That Win". Focused on the role of capabilities in M&A, the study reveals that achieving a capabilities fit in deals matters more than ever. In fact, deals that leveraged the buyer’s key capabilities, or helped it acquire new ones, produced significantly better shareholder returns than the market, or deals with other rationales in mind.


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