In this episode, Akshat Dubey, a Principal at Strategy& in the Consumer and Retail practice, and Joe Nuzzolo, a PwC Managing Director in capital markets advisory, explore the current level of transaction activity among food companies, market dynamics in the industry and their impact on these deals. Together, they discuss the four key drivers of recent industry transactions, what separates successful deals from the rest, whether M&A will remain a big influence on the food industry going forward, and how companies should prepare for the continued role of M&A.

Learn how to take advantage of the opportunities opened up by big data.


Strategy& partner, Alan Gemes, discusses the global wealth report and its findings.


Strategy& partner Richard Bhanap discusses the CIO Success(ion) Study and its findings.


In this episode, John Jullens, a Partner at Strategy& based in Shanghai, discusses the challenges faced by foreign companies looking to merge or acquire assets in China. He offers 8 best practices that include focusing on your own capabilities gaps when seeking Chinese partners, conducting a thorough stakeholder analysis, clarifying decision rights up front, and finding ways to earn the trust of your Chinese partners.


In this episode, J Neely, a Partner at Strategy&, discusses the challenge of pre-close merger integration when one side is being uncooperative. He addresses a number of topics including the drivers behind uncooperative behavior, the types of deals in which this might occur, how big a threat lack of cooperation can be to a successful integration, and the steps management should take to address this issue before it becomes a major problem.


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