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Don’t Reengineer. Reimagine.
by Jeff Schumacher, Simon MacGibbon, and Sean Collins
To realize the digital potential of your business, bring the dynamics of a startup to more on strategy+business >
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Fast, Lean, and Agile: How GCC Governments Can Make the Most of ICT Investments
by Jad Bitar, Raymond Khoury, and Ramez Shehadi
GCC governments should develop comprehensive, well-funded, multi-year programs that address two critical dimensions of ICT development: environment and readiness. By doing so, they will greatly improve the quality and effectiveness of the services they offer their more >
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Digital Engineering Reloaded: Building Differentiated Advantage in Product Development
by Dietmar Ahlemann, Francesco Lucciola, Nils Melcher, and Francesco Baldisserri
Digital engineering technology is unleashing the potential for major advances in industrial product development, from the concept phase through design and testing. The technology promises faster development cycles, lower costs, and better new products, giving manufacturers that embrace digital engineering a competitive edge over rivals using traditional methods. read more >
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An Emerging Innovation Power: 2013 China Innovation Survey
by Steven Veldhoen, Anna Mansson, Bill Peng, George Yip, and Bruce McKern
China is regaining its historical position as a global innovation power. The China Innovation Survey, now in its second year, shows that innovators in mainland China are gaining rapidly in competitiveness compared with companies in Europe, United States, and other regions. read more >
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Designing the Digital Workplace: Connectivity, Communication, Collaboration
by Ramez Shehadi, Christopher A.H. Vollmer, and Danny Karam
The business world is moving faster and becoming more global, more mobile, and more digitized, thanks in part to a new generation of tech-savvy employees. To make the most of these trends, organizations need to take a more strategic approach to how they design and organize the workplace. read more >
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