Enabling growth with cost transformation and operational improvement

Companies need a strategic approach to cost transformation in order to achieve lasting growth. Our Fit for Growth* programs have helped the world’s top companies gain a competitive advantage by refocusing their costs on the capabilities that are truly critical for their success and designing supportive organizations and cultures to make the improvements sustainable. By making deliberate, strategy-backed choices about costs and applying rigorous operational improvement, companies emerge from Fit for Growth transformations leaner, stronger, and more ready for growth.

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Fit for Growth videos

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Is your company ready to tackle the intense challenges that business faces today? Our Fit for Growth approach is a proven model for unlocking performance that helps companies manage their cost in a more strategic way, allowing them to cut costs and grow stronger at the same time.
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In this video, PwC’s Strategy& leader Vinay Couto discusses how the Fit for Growth approach helps companies gain a competitive edge.
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In this video, Strategy&’s Vinay Couto explains how assessing your company’s Fit for Growth Index can help better position your company for high performance and sustainable growth.


What's hot: Our latest publications on Fit for Growth

Winning in China's changing econom
Despite the headlines about China’s slowing growth and the country’s efforts to contain stock market bubbles and devalue its currency, the Chinese economy is undergoing a profound shift away from any kind of simple measure of overall GDP growth
Maximizing the value from technology investments
As technology reshapes virtually all industries, companies continue to make sizable investments. Yet many such investments fail to deliver their promised returns.
Utilities preparing for growth
U.S. utility companies confront an array of difficult challenges that will make their industry more complex and bring on more disruptions with each coming year.
Be Your Own Activist Investor
With these 10 principles for rethinking cost management, you can maximize value and avoid threats from Wall Street.
find out more about supply management’s next evolution
The next step in the evolution of supply management organizations is to move beyond "optimizing the buy" to "maximizing value" for the enterprise.

Fit for Growth Index profiler
Determine your company’s Fit for Growth Index score and compare its "fitness" level against competitors’. This easy-to-use online profiler will enable you to self-assess how ready your company is for growth, allow you to visualize the payoff from connecting your cost and growth agendas, and provide you with tailored recommendations based on your unique starting point.

Fit for Growth perspectives and key publications

One size does not fit all. Companies operating in different industries have different strategic considerations and cost constraints. Our Fit for Growth transformations are tailored to specific sectors, regions, and functional areas. Learn more about some of our perspectives in the white papers and articles below.

This short e-book explains more about how our strategic approach to cost transformation can help your company beat the competition.
For today’s financial leader, decisions are based on strategy, not spreadsheets.
Companies that cut costs thoughtfully and deploy their resources strategically will be prepared for the next round of expansion.
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The steady decrease in U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) investment spending will continue for the foreseeable future. To better compete in...
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Senior leadership teams and human resources executives should develop focused people strategies that align with and support their...
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According to a study of global wealth managers by Strategy& the prospects for wealth management have improved significantly over the last...
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To determine how much value enterprise architecture (EA) can contribute to the business, Strategy& recently surveyed executives across a mix...
The Fit for Growth Index is a quantitative measure that determines how well a company connects its cost and growth agendas by...
For most companies, cost cutting in a down economy means across-the-board slashing that "spreads the pain" of budget reductions across...
Based on extensive research, The Essential Advantage helps you construct a strategically coherent company in which the pieces reinforce...
Applying a Fit for Growth approach in China
As China makes the notoriously difficult transition from a low-cost to a high-value economy, both local companies and foreign multinationals can...
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With routine tasks shrinking and the need for capabilities ascending, functions can become “fit for purpose”: changing their portfolio...
Great companies are always looking for ways to reduce general and administrative expenses — finance, human resources, information...
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As companies facing tough times launch cost reduction initiatives, the prudent ones will make cuts in a way that works with their...
With the right kind of organization, you can expand while cutting costs.

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