Thanks to digitization, companies across industries are racing to migrate "analog" approaches to customers, products, services, and operating models to an always-on, real-time, and information rich marketplace. Some leaders are redesigning their capabilities and operating models to take full advantage of digital technologies to keep step with the "connected" consumer and attract talent. Others are creating qualitatively new business models — and tremendous value — around disruptive digital opportunities. In doing so, these companies secure not only continued relevance, but also superior returns.

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By the year 2020, an entire generation will have grown up in a primarily digital world. Their familiarity with technology, reliance on mobile communications, and desire to remain in contact with large networks of contacts will transform how we work and how we consume.
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Every company in every industry will be dramatically affected by the digitization megatrend, and it will be the responsibility of the top teams to lead the charge by developing the right strategy and building the right capabilities for their companies to win in the digitized environment.
The impact of digitization also affects the supply side — the collection of industries and companies, including the traditional IT service providers, the telecom companies, and the hardware, software, and Internet players that are creating the technologies for this brave new world.
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