Providing deep industry and operations expertise: Private equity

PwC’s strategy consulting team Strategy& works closely with private equity firms in three core areas:

  • Commercial due diligence: Our hypothesis-driven approach to due diligence provides our clients with a deep understanding of industry structure, market sizing, and competitive dynamics to evaluate both investment themes and specific propositions. We then convert those insights into strategic options across regional and company-specific dimensions.
  • Restructuring and turnarounds: Strategy& has long-standing experience and proven expertise to support value creation through a range of strategic initiatives. Our Fit for Growth* approach for cost management starts by identifying a clear agenda from the front line to the back office; building of lean and resilient processes, systems, operations, and organization structures; and ensuring resources flow to “good costs” and away from “bad.” The result is an adaptable, high-performance culture positioned on an accelerated path to sustained growth.
  • Exit strategy: We can help private equity firms plan for and maximize shareholder value on exit and pave the way for a smooth ownership transition, whether it be to a public, financial, or strategic buyer. We also help companies carefully investigate alternatives to outright exit, such as partial sales and joint ventures, licensing deals, co-development, and co-marketing alternatives.

Strategy& has extensive experience in serving private equity firms in multiple industries and regions, and across the deals continuum. With our ability to both formulate an acquisition strategy and translate it seamlessly into detailed value improvement levers and initiatives, we serve our clients as a single provider for all deals and operations improvement needs in the private equity space. Through integrated teaming with Strategy& and PwC, we can deliver insights and effect change with the speed that private equity needs, from pre-deal analysis, through post-acquisition restructuring strategies, to exit.

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* Fit for Growth is a registered service mark of PwC Strategy& LLC in the United States.