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Growth Through a Capabilities Lens
with Cesare Mainardi, Ken Favaro, and Tom Stewart
Cesare Mainardi, Ken Favaro and Tom Stewart in conversation: Why is it so difficult to achieve sustainable growth? What is the most promising growth avenue that companies should pursue? And how can they capture the headroom of their business? watch videos >
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Capabilities-Driven Mergers & Acquisitions
with Gerald Adolph and Paul Leinwand
Gerald Adolph and Paul Leinwand in conversation: What role do capabilities play in successful mergers and acquisitions? watch videos >
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How to Cut Costs–Strategically
with Cesare Mainardi and Paul Michelman
Strategy& CEO Cesare Mainardi recently sat down with Paul Michelman of Harvard Business Publishing to discuss how executives should use a strategic approach to cutting costs—but often don't. watch video >
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BBC Global Business Interview
with Paul Leinwand, Cesare Mainardi, and Peter Day
Paul Leinwand and Cesare Mainardi speak with with Peter Day, from the BBC's Global Business program, about The Essential Advantage and answer a very pointed question: Do companies really understand what they're doing? watch video >
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Will Your Strategy Succeed?
with Paul Leinwand and Cindy Babski
Paul Leinwand, co-author of The Essential Advantage, in conversation with Cindy Babski from INSEAD Knowledge. watch video >
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Highlighting 2011 Mergers and Acquisitions
Paul Leinwand, co-author of The Essential Advantage, in conversation with Tracy Byrnes from FoxNews about what companies need to do in order to turn M&A into a successful component of their growth strategy. watch video on >
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The Coherence Premium
Booz & Company Partner Paul Leinwand, co-author of The Essential Advantage, in conversation with Sarah Green from Harvard Business Review: How can companies develop a winning strategy and capture the coherence premium. listen to the podcast >


Capabilities-Driven Strategy
with Paul Leinw and Robert Barnwell
Paul Leinwand, co-author of The Essential Advantage, in conversation with Robert Barnwell on CEO Talk Radio: How can companies and their executives use capabilities and coherence to drive not only growth but to help cut costs while growing stronger. listen to the podcast >


Related Thought Leadership

A Conversation with Paul Leinwand and Cesare Mainardi, Authors of The Essential Advantage
by Paul Leinwand and Cesare Mainardi
In this interview, the authors of "The Essential Advantage" point out that in this unpredictable economy, traditional approaches to strategy are a luxury most companies cannot afford. Instead they need to follow a Capabilities-Driven Strategy, starting by conducting a clear-eyed assessment of what they as a firm already do exceptionally well, and then doubling down on those differentiating capabilities. Further, they need to limit their focus to, at most, six capabilities, and make those capabilities work together as a mutually reinforcing system that perpetuates competitive more >
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A Look Inside The Essential Advantage
Do you have a well-defined way to face the market and create value for your customers? Is your business focused on what your company does best? Do all of your decisions come from and enhance your business’s distinctive capabilities? Can you sustain this advantage over time? view >
The Coherence Premium: Is your company disciplined enough to focus intensely on what it does best?
by Paul Leinwand and Cesare Mainardi
Published in the June 2010 issue of the Harvard Business Review, “The Coherence Premium” lays out the importance of coherence for sustainable business success and presents evidence that sustainable, superior returns accrue to companies that coherently link capabilities, marketplace opportunities, and the right set of offerings. read more >
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How to Win by Changing the Game
by Cesare Mainardi, Paul Leinwand, and Steffen Lauster
Investing in a capabilities-driven strategy will equip your company for growth in uncertain more on strategy+business >
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Cut Costs and Grow Stronger
by Shumeet Banerji, Paul Leinwand, and Cesare Mainardi
For most companies, cost cutting in a down economy means across-the-board slashing that "spreads the pain" of budget reductions across many departments. While that may sound like the best approach for getting critical results fast and for limiting political infighting, it is a mistake—one that will leave your company weaker, not just smaller. read more >
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Cut Costs, Grow Stronger
by Shumeet Banerji, Paul Leinwand, and Cesare Mainardi
If you are a corporate leader, you have probably been spending a lot of time lately thinking about costs. In the aftermath of the global economic crisis of 2008-09, the pressure to cut costs — whether driven by cash flow, shareholders, uncertainly, or investment needs — has been extraordinary. read more on strategy+business >
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Is Your Company Fit for Growth?
by Deniz Caglar, Jaya Pandrangi, and John Plansky
Companies that cut costs thoughtfully and deploy their resources strategically will be prepared for the next round of expansion. read more on strategy+business >
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The Right to Win: The history of strategy concepts
by Cesare Mainardi with Art Kleiner
Business strategy is at an evolutionary crossroads. It’s time to resolve the long-standing tension between the inherent identity of your organization and the fleeting nature of your competitive advantage. read more on strategy+business >
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