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PwC completes its acquisition of Booz & Company
New York, 3rd April 2014 – PwC is pleased to announce today the successful completion of its combination with Booz & Company. With the granting of all regulatory approvals for Booz & Company to join PwC, it is now officially part of the PwC Network. All closing conditions for the deal have been met. read more >

Challenges Lie Ahead for Wealth Managers
London, UK, January 15, 2014—Assets under management have seen a significant upswing around the world but these gains have not translated into the top-and-bottom-line growth that wealth managers would expect based on past recoveries. Booz & Company is today releasing the results of an extensive global survey – conducted from interviews with over 150 wealth management executives, senior financial advisors, and regulators from more than 15 international markets – the results of which reveal that a number of issues are affecting the speed of recovery. read more >

Booz & Company Launches New Global Hub for Digital Services
Los Angeles, CA & New York, NY, January 6, 2014—After one year in business, Booz & Company’s high-impact Booz Digital unit has achieved such significant results that it is now becoming the firm’s global hub for all digital services. The firm announced today it will migrate all of its digital leadership, offerings, and talent to Booz Digital, forming a single brand for all things digital it does for clients and takes to market. read more >