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Cover story: Strategic thinking
Consulting magazine
The June cover story of Consulting magazine features Strategy& CEO Cesare Mainardi and Strategy& Chairman/PwC’s Global Head of Consulting Tony Poulter explaining the exciting future of the newest consulting juggernaut. read full story >


Age of mega supplier heralds danger for carmakers
Financial Times
Recent Strategy& research is referenced in an article discussing mega suppliers in the automotive sector. Strategy& Partner Jens Nackmayr notes: “We are seeing a shift in power in the industry. The real core of engineering, technology and innovation sits in the supplier base.” read full article >


Coffee capsules revive the market
Financial Times
Financial Times journalist notes that hermetically sealed capsules have opened up a huge range of possibilities in the food industry. Strategy& Partner Richard Rawlinson argues that: “They have rejuvenated the coffee market.” read full article >


Unconscious Bias? Women CEOs May Think It's Fairly 'Conscious' On Leadership
Strategy&’s Chief Executive Study is cited in an article discussing the gender gap between CEOs. Looking at the UK, only one of the 40 appointments made in 2013 was female. Incoming women CEOs are different from their male peers in that they are more often hired from outside the company. Strategy& Partner Per-Ola Karlsson comments in this article: “Companies continue to select CEOs who are familiar faces.” read full article >


Boards ‘prepared to take more risks in hiring women chiefs’
Financial Times
This Financial Times article highlights the findings of Strategy&’s 2013 Chief Executive Study. More than one in three appointed female CEOs joined from outside the company compared to one in five of their male counterparts. Gary Neilson, Strategy& Partner and co-author of the report , explains what may be the reasons: “That women CEOs are more often outsiders may be an indication that companies have not been able to cultivate enough female executives in-house.” read full article >

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