Agustin is an Associate working in Consumer and Retail, based in Mexico City. He studied Industrial Engineering at the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA) and joined PwC’s Strategy& in 2013. As a relatively new member of the firm, he has much to learn, but finds time to pursue his passion for travel and painting.


Agustin’s Story

  • Joined the Firm in 2013
  • Industrial Engineering at the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA)
  • Presented to the CEO of an energy company in November 2013;
    Developed a valuation model of a natural gas trading company in 2014;
    Developed sales and EBITDA projections for a Latin American water solutions company in 2014
  • Took training courses in Chicago and New York in February 2014
  • Promoted to the next Associate level in April 2014



Q: How has working in Strategy& matched your expectations?

A: I applied to Strategy& because of its excellent reputation. I knew I'd have plenty of opportunity to learn because of the experience the firm has in multiple industries and countries. So far, Strategy& has exceeded my expectations. The highlight of my experience in Strategy& has been learning from and working with my colleagues. They are impressive, but also down to earth.

Q: What opportunities have you had to travel for work so far?

A: I was involved in helping a national oil company select a joint venture partner and expand in the US. The project gave me the opportunity to travel to Houston, Texas. It was a great opportunity to meet new colleagues, especially experts in their field, and start building my international network. I've also attended training in Chicago and New York. Working abroad has made me a more flexible consultant in that I have learned to adapt to new conditions, markets and cultural norms.

Q: What advice would you offer others joining Strategy&?

A: The learning curve is steep but the support system is robust. Being part of a team is a great opportunity to learn, as much by doing as by observing from brilliant colleagues. My advice to new joiners would be to always make sure they understand the task instead of keeping doubts to themselves. It is also important to build strong relationships with those around them.