Sarah is a Senior Associate working in the Public Sector and is based in Beirut. She joined PwC’s Strategy& in 2008 and was sponsored to pursue her MBA at INSEAD in 2012. She's currently leading a project with a large government entity in Abu Dhabi to transform their logistics. This is a typical week.


My morning is spent on the client site. This always includes a weekly update with the client, but other meetings and discussions may also be scheduled. I have lunch with the team in the local Strategy& office, where I continue working for the afternoon.


I have another short day on the client site and spend the afternoon in the Strategy& office. I hit the gym at 7:00pm with the project team to attend a class. Once every two weeks we have a program-wide get-together to celebrate birthdays, farewells or new joiners. Otherwise it's a working dinner with the project team.


I spend all day working on the client site. Usually I'm busy with meetings and presentations until quite late, but still usually visit the gym afterwards.


I spend the morning with the client and fly back to Beirut at noon. Then, I wind down at the gym from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.


This day is a working day at the Beirut office, finalizing what needs to be prepared for the following week. I catch up with colleagues, friends and mentors. There's also the chance to work on 'extra-curricular' activities such as corporate social responsibility projects.


I catch-up with my husband, family and friends.


I relax, have lunch with my husband and fly back to Abu Dhabi at 3:00pm.