Anne is a Director working in Health and is based in Chicago. She is just wrapping up a project in Dallas, TX where she helped a health system develop a new product offering. This was her typical week.


Fly to Dallas and travel to the client site with teammates. Meet with the team to agree on priorities for the week. After lunch, I meet with my client counterpart to discuss progress of deliverables, outstanding questions etc. These meetings happen three to four times a week to stay in sync with my primary client. The rest of the day is spent meeting with various members of the junior team to discuss data requests, Steering Committee storylines and other in-progress deliverables. I then grab dinner with the team around 7:00pm.


I start the day at the gym, and then head to the client's office by 8:30am to have a check-in call with the principals on the project. Like the client check-in calls, these happen on a regular basis throughout the week. This is followed by an in-person meeting with one of my client teams to discuss options for doing customer research. I am accompanied by one of my senior associates who has prepared the deck for the meeting. After lunch, I spend time with the team to brainstorm hypotheses and analyses based on our initial learnings. I then have a series of internal calls to discuss appraisals and provider account team priorities. Tonight is a take-out night where I bring food back to the hotel so that I have time to relax.


I drive to one of the hospital sites where I spend the day conducting interviews. In the evening I have a nice team dinner in Dallas, where we are joined by the team leaders.


I meet one of my teammates early at the gym. Thursday is Steering Committee day, so I spend the morning putting the final touches on the document and confirming the team is prepared for their parts of the presentation. I lead the Steering Committee discussion which lasts 1.5 hours. Along with the leadership team, one senior associate from the team is also there to present content. The team then heads out to the airport around 3:00pm. I land in Chicago and meet my husband for dinner.


I have a one-on-one Pilates session in the morning before heading to the Chicago office by 9:00am. I spend a couple of hours on internal calls and then grab lunch with colleagues from the Health practice. I spend the afternoon on a few check-in calls with the client, principals and junior team before wrapping up for the day. I go to happy hour at the end of the day and then meet up with my husband and friends for dinner downtown.


I start the weekend with a run, bike ride or swim followed by brunch with friends. The rest of the day is spent running errands, doing some shopping and catching up on TV shows. At night, I meet up with friends for dinner or a concert.


I go to church, run errands, and spend time relaxing. I do laundry and pack for the week ahead. The night is low key and I finish catching up on TV shows before going to bed around 11:00pm so that I am not too tired for my early morning flight.