The Fit for Growth toolkit

At Strategy&, we work with companies to help them identify and build the differentiating capabilities they need to outperform. The tools below will give you an initial idea of how fit your company is and will help you gain clarity about how to start the Fit for Growth* journey.

Coherence profiler
Find out in five minutes how coherent your company is. This short survey will help diagnose how well your organization is positioned for success.
Organizational DNA profiler
Find out in five minutes if your organization has the right stuff by diagnosing its DNA. Is it passive-aggressive, fits-and-starts, outgrown, overmanaged, just-in-time, military precision, or resilient? Once you know, you can keep what’s good, fix what’s wrong, and unlock great performance.
Supply chain capabilities profiler
What are your supply chain’s strengths and how do they fit your way to play? Use this tool to learn what strategic supply chain decisions will generate a coherence premium.
Strategic sourcing profiler
This profiler enables you to pragmatically work through a standard set of diagnostic questions to assess the state of your current organization and highlight the key challenges that must be addressed to win in your environment.
Innovation strategy profiler
Our annual Global Innovation 1000 study shows there is no correlation between how much companies spend on R&D and their overall financial performance. Instead, successful companies use their capabilities to enable innovation efforts. Use this tool to profile your strategy and understand the capabilities you need to succeed.

* Fit for Growth is a registered service mark of PwC Strategy& LLC in the United States.