3.5 internet-connected
devices per person in
2015 - The Internet Of Things, Cisco
It took TV 12 years to reach 50
million users; Internet 4 years;
Facebook 3 years; Draw
Something 50 days - G. Kofi Annan
Teenagers in the U.S. consume
more than 11 hours of content
daily... in only seven hours
- Generation M2 Report, Kaiser Family Foundation
70% of smartphone owners
use their phone while
shopping in the store
- Think Mobile with Google
How could digital boost
your core business?
Digital is disruptive.
How do we stake out
a leadership position?
How can we revitalize
our underperforming
digital channels?
Technology is at an
inflection point, but
what does it mean for us?

what we do

Booz Digital is a full-service team of strategists, designers, and technologists who help companies turn ideas into transformational digital businesses. We are leaders in digital innovation and digital business building, helping clients to reimagine and capture new digital opportunities as well as strengthen the performance of existing digital assets and capabilities.


It all starts with business strategy. Winning in digital begins with a deep understanding of industry dynamics, recognizing how those trends are disrupting and altering the competitive landscape, and surfacing the next big idea. From the right strategic ideation comes real commercial opportunity.


It's not enough to have the idea. Value creation requires bringing that idea to life—creating a vision of a compelling user experience, designing it, prototyping it, and getting ready to develop it.


It's not all sexy—it takes hard work to realize value. It means architecting the solution and ensuring it gets built and launched on budget—all the while building the organization's capability to deliver it on an ongoing basis.

our distinction

Wielding a fundamentally new approach to delivering end-to-end digital solutions, Booz Digital's team of multidisciplinary experts bridge the strategy-to-execution gap.

why now?

Since 1965, Moore's Law—which states that computing power doubles every two years—has held fast and true, and there is no reason to expect that will change. No industry has been immune to disruption, but in disruption lies opportunity. The mind-blowing growth of Internet-connected devices and custom digital experiences offers companies the opportunity to rapidly stake leadership positions and create value. Digital is no longer a bolt-on to the business, it's part of the core. Consequently, the old model of working sequentially with multiple partners from strategy to design to execution no longer works.

Our model and our team are distinctive and unique:


Simple, but disruptive

Booz Digital's team of strategists, designers, and architects has the vision and technical expertise to design three years out but build for today. Simple means we design for use, not for technology. This approach significantly changes the game by accelerating value and driving disruption downstream.


From Strategic Ideation to Execution

Handing off from one partner to the next is fraught with risk, increases costs, and dilutes accountability to the client. We identify disruptive opportunities, design and visualize the way to capture that opportunity, and then partner to build, scale, and transfer that solution. The Booz Digital model avoids the pitfalls of multiple handoffs, producing better outcomes with less risk and costs.


Multi-disciplinary Talent

Our integrated model makes us unique—our people make us great. It's not enough to be smart—our people all have real-world industry experience creating or operating digital businesses. Ours is a talented multidisciplinary team, skilled in all key capabilities from strategy to UX and product design to IT solution architecture


We Bet on the Outcome Together

We believe in being in the trenches with our clients from beginning to end, defining and realizing the digital business opportunity together. Because our people have hands-on digital industry experience, we can go the full distance with our clients, not only envisioning the solution with them but also helping them launch, transfer, and operate it.


who we are

Booz Digital brings together a multi-disciplinary team across strategy, design and technology to create high impact solutions for our clients that are 100% digital. Our areas of expertise are:

Digital business strategy, product innovation, user experience, user interface design, ecommerce and digital monetization, app and web development, and project management.

Meet a few of our people...

Interested in joining our team?

simply send us an e-mail


Chris Vollmer

Global Managing Director,
Los Angeles & New York

Chris focuses on developing digital businesses and innovative user experiences for leading companies across media, technology and consumer marketing. He was recognized by Forbes.com in 2013 as one of the ten most influential consultants in marketing. He is the author of the 2008 Wall Street Journal best seller Always On. Chris also leads Booz's Global Media and Entertainment Practice.


Matt Egol

Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer,
New York

Matt is a Booz & Company New York-based Partner and the Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer of Booz Digital. With 17 years of consulting experience, Matt specializes in strategy and capability development for consumer brand marketers, retailers, marketing services firms, and media companies, focusing on value creation through digital content, community and commerce.


Naseem Sayani

Chief Operating Officer,
Los Angeles

Naseem specializes in growth, go-to-market, digital/innovation, and sales strategy serving clients in media, publishing, consumer products, and luxury retail marketing. Naseem also brings 5 years of technology consulting experience with IBM Global Services.


Raisa Park

Creative Director,
Los Angeles

Raisa leads creative direction in the innovation processes and solutions for people in all areas of human centered design: from mapping people and systems, developing concept ideation to modeling and prototyping.


Albert Pho

Senior Product Manager,
San Francisco

Albert specializes in assisting clients develop digital centric growth strategies enabled through a robust consumer understanding. He bring hands on strategic planning, innovation, brand and product management expertise from his experience in industry, and Booz & Co.


Nick Hodson

San Francisco

Nick brings 15 years of consulting experience and specializes in retail strategy and performance improvement supporting general retail clients such as grocery stores, convenience stores, fuel stations, among others. Nick also served as Head of strategy with Safeway and Safeway.com.


Frank Burkitt

Senior Executive Advisor,
Los Angeles

Frank leads our Internet of Things and Digital Operations services. He brings more than 20 years of achievement in business strategy, digital strategy, and business transformation. He has been the CEO and Founder of a Cloud-based Enterprise Software company, National Managing Director for Supply Chain and Operations, and Global eCommerce Practice Leader.


Keiko Morita

Industrial Designer,
Los Angeles

Keiko brings product design skills ranging from 2-D conceptual development, rapid prototyping, 3-D modeling and the delivery of technical specifications for production. She also facilitates ethnographic research and the delivery of human-centered designs around consumer branded experiences.


Wesley Rowe

Solutions Architect,
Los Angeles



John Souther




Sarah McMains

Los Angeles

Sarah is a digital strategist and works to help clients develop new digital products and strategies to drive business. Sarah's background includes product management and management consulting across the CPG, Retail, and Automotive industries.


Sarah Ahmad

Digital Producer,
Los Angeles

Sarah orchestrates the efforts of multi-disciplinary teams to produce interactive digital productions to help clients envision the future of digital and its value creation, while demonstrating BoozDigital's capabilities. Sarah comes with 7+ years of business development, operations and project management experience in the fields of financial services, social policy and management consulting.


Pete Helvey

Sr. Web Developer,
Los Angeles

Pete is a veteran interactive designer and developer with almost two decades of diversified professional experience in the IT industry. Prior to joining Booz Digital, Pete held senior roles at Microsoft, Amazon.com/co.uk and Publicis as well as other firms in interactive, marketing, strategy and software development.

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