Right-to-win exercise

In the process of developing a Capabilities-Driven Strategy, you will identify alternative ways to play that your company could pursue. This exercise will help you determine whether a given way to play gives your company a right to win.

Consider one of the way-to-play hypotheses that you want to test.

  • Start by selecting the two most relevant competitors for this way to play and enter their names into the tool.
  • Identify up to six differentiating capabilities, three key assets, and three table-stakes activities and enter this information into the tool.
  • Rate how your company and your competitors perform — use the sliders to indicate whether each is below par, at par, or above par for each differentiating capability, asset, and table-stakes activity.

The tool will translate your rating into a score:

  • 2 points for each differentiating capability that is above par
  • 1 point for each differentiating asset that is above par
  • 1 point for each table-stakes activity that is at par
  • -1 point for each element that is below par.

For more information, click on the information sign in the top right corner of each frame.

The player with the highest total rating has the right to win in the particular market you are considering.

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