SoundBite: The secret to strategy that works

Consider these two statistics: More than half of senior executives have no confidence in their strategy and 80 percent of corporate value destruction comes from bad strategy decisions. There is clearly an epidemic of bad corporate strategy.

The problem

Many companies spend too much time, energy, and money chasing the market, only to end up in exactly the same place as their competitors. They try to be all things to all customers and dilute their impact. On top of that, they create a strategy that isn’t practical and never gets off the ground.

The solution

Use an approach we call Capabilities-Driven Strategy. It starts with understanding what you’re truly great at and building your strategy from there. It’s a pioneering approach, and when you get it right, the payoff is tremendous.

In this three-part SoundBite video series, Cesare Mainardi and PwC's Strategy& Senior Partner Paul Leinwand provide a practical guide for using capabilities to build your company’s engine for growth.

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In turbulent times, your strategy matters more than ever. The world's greatest companies weather adversity and uncertainty much more adeptly by operating from their core strengths. A strategy built on these differentiating capabilities helps you outpace the competition, achieve faster growth, and earn the right to win.
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Far too many strategies fail when it comes time to bring them to life. In fact, more than two-thirds of executives say they don’t have what they need to execute their strategy. Find out how your company can avoid falling into the strategy-through-execution gap by asking 3 questions.
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Supercompetitors have a special recipe for success. It’s fueled by capabilities and it makes these iconic companies so powerful that they’re actually influencing and reshaping entire industries. Find out how you can use smart strategy to transform your future.

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