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External market positioning or internal capabilities are not enough to create a company's right to win. A coherent strategy that aligns them at every level is essential. Only a coherent company — one that pursues a clear strategic direction, builds a system of differentiating capabilities consistent with that direction, and sells products and services that thrive within that system — can reliably and sustainably outpace competitors.

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As a firm, we at PwC’s Strategy& have come to understand that most strategies fail to give sufficient attention and weight to capabilities and disregard how these capabilities should fit together to form a mutually reinforcing system. Because this blind spot is so common in corporate strategy, the rewards are all the more immense for the companies that do manage to create an aligned set of key capabilities.

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Many executives across industries and regions are struggling with developing and executing strategies successfully. Those that follow a Capabilities-Driven Strategy, however, enable their companies to become more coherent and to gain a right to win in the markets in which they have decided to compete. Applying a capabilities lens changes how executives make important strategic decisions, from growth to M&A to portfolio to cost cutting.

Our leading research on strategy

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Our research confirms these findings. We have conducted a survey of 2,800 executives from companies of various sizes, geographies, and industries. According to this survey, most executives don't feel their company's strategy will lead to success, two out of three respondents admit that their company's capabilities don't fully support their strategy, only one in five are fully confident they have a right to win, and the majority say their company has too many conflicting priorities.
Research on what drives a company’s success
Our research also provides insights into what drives a company’s success. A Strategy& survey with more than 700 executives finds that a capabilities-driven approach to value creation leads to higher returns, on average, than other ways of doing strategy. The survey also finds that companies with a clear identity — standing for something unique and consistent over time — tend to perform better than others, and that a capabilities-driven approach helps them develop that identity.
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Our research also helps us understand executives’ concerns about the strategy-execution gap and the role that capabilities play in addressing it. 42% of executives admit they are significantly concerned about at least one barrier to successful strategy and execution and another 54% have some concern; only 4% indicate that they are not concerned about any barrier. Executives who felt comfortable saying their company is currently winning in the market were most likely to attribute that success to great leadership or powerful and distinctive capabilities.

Soundbite: A video series about Capabilities-Driven Strategy
In this three-part SoundBite video series, Strategy& CEO Cesare Mainardi and Strategy& Senior Partner Paul Leinwand provide a practical guide for using capabilities to build your company’s engine for growth.

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